Cocosenor Privacy

Our software won't do any thing to hurt your computer and the data on your computer. We will try our best to keep your personal informations safe, and we won't sale to others or provide it to others.

What information we collect from you

You order our software and pay via SWREG or Regnow who provide good payment methods for developers to sale their software all over the world. After payment, the following information will send to us by SWREG or Regnow.

Name, Company, Address, Zip/Postal Code, Phone, E-mail, and IP Address.

Note: We don't collect any information about your credit card any your paypal account.

Tips: Not all the above informations are necessary.

Why we collect personal information

When you purchase our software, your personal informations which are contained in order will send us by SWREG or Regnow. With these informations, you can use our software and service conveniently, and we can provide you the technical assistance , send you software updates, or deliver you the software copy.

How we protect your personal information

You personal information are stored on Regnow or SWREG host server, and our e-mail box. We will not provide your personal information to others. Only the Technical support staffs of our company are allow to see the e-mail of your personal information, and the manager has the right to access the person information on our E-mail box.