Sobre a Kindle

Every moment can be an inspiration
for a good idea. That’s why,
we take advantage of all of them.

"Our flame blazes not only in the virtual and real worlds but also in everything that generates experience.".

We’re an innovative publicity agency where the greatest fuel is our people. Our team consists of combustibles that integrate digital, offline and new media to create a more personalized, effective form of communication for our clients. Like fire, we’re the result of a reaction. Questioning the conventional agency model, we created our own methodology that is audience friendlier.

We were born amidst technologies, but we value every interaction. Our flame blazes not only in the virtual and real worlds but also in everything that generates experience.

That’s Kindle.

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What we do

We’re two teams working as one. We were born online and grow on all lines.


Websites / Hotsites / Online Media Planning / Digital Planning / Ecommerce / Experience Design / Digital Campaigns / Mobile and Desktop Apps / Social Media / Technology / Intranet / Business Intelligence / Inbound Mkt

Kindle was born digital. Nothing here is more natural than considering digital innovations, creating strategies to provide brand fluidity in the web environment and conducting nearly real-time upgrades in terms of new technologies and new media – a constant that makes us proud and boosts our responsibility in the market.


Brand Creation / Concept / Campaigns / Ads / Films / Radio / Promotional Initiatives / Naming / Below the Line

Our work involves everything from large institutional campaigns to one-off graphic pieces. We are inspired by our clients and are immersed in the brand’s universe so as to create a personalized language whose message is effective and increasingly aimed at the audience of interest.

All Lines

360º Planning / Branding / Creative Concept / Integrated Campaigns / Initiatives

We live in the post-digital age. It’s part of our DNA. Today, the challenge is to think in terms of 360º communication and we thus believe in integrated ideas. Here, our teams work together in a multidisciplinary manner, sharing information and complementing each other. The result is multiplatform campaigns that make the message reach the audience via all media channels.

How we do it

There’s no secret. A well-done job is the result of perfect balance among all departments.


Everything starts with a good briefing. The client’s problem is studied in detail, which leads to our first insights and communication strategy.


Our creative professionals work in a multidisciplinary manner, going far beyond the field of ideas, yet focusing on a more effective form of communication for each client.


Keeping ourselves up to date, practically in real time, in terms of all of the innovations of the market’s most diverse fields is a basic prerequisite for any combustible.


We analyze what we’ve already produced and evaluate the results so as to establish new directions for our clients’ communication.

Who does it

Kindle is a union of professionals with vast experience in the market and their own particular view of communication, that is, with the desire to do things differently.

  • Bruno
    Chief Managing Partner
  • Bruno
    Chief Managing Partner

Who we do it with

Our clients have a bit of us in them, and we have a bit of them in us,
which is a motive for great pride among us.

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